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Jean-Pierre Marchant


2021     MFA in Film Production, York University

2012     Electronic Engineering Technician Diploma, Fanshawe College

2004     MA in History, University of Calgary


2024     Date Night - Another Set of Jaws - A Heated Exchange (6.15, video)

2023     Toronto, Old and New (18.00, 16mm film)

2023     Toronto, Old and New (22.00, video)

2022     The Places We Lived (24.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)
2021     A Life on the Borderlands (9.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)
2021       A Parent’s Wishlist (6.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)
2020     Playing Telephone (5.00, incomplete, video)
2020     Looking at Family Pictures with My Mother (3.00, incomplete, video)
2020     My Father the Watchmaker (4.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)
2020     The Sweater (4.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)
2018     Parallax (3.00, video)

2018     Built In Their Image (4.00, video)
2018     Driving Around In Circles (In The Suburbs) (3.00, video)

2016     Fernfeld (4.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)

2016     Walking To Save-On (3.54, video from Super8 & 16mm)

2015     Snake Alley (4.45, video from Super8 & 16mm)

2015     The Hitch-Hiker (30.00, video from Super8 & 16mm)

2014     Visions Of An Imperfect Mind (2.04, video from Super8 & 16mm)


2020     Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2019     Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) MA Fellowship
2019     York University Graduate Fellowship 

Arts Grants
2023     Transformations: A Cross Generational Commissioning Project, with filmmaker John Price, 
             Liaison of Independent Filmmakers (LIFT)
2020     Technicolor Grant
2020     Alter Ego Colour Grading Grant
2017     Alberta Foundation for the Arts Film Project Grant
2017     Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers Production Fund
2015     Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers Production Fund

Film Awards

2022     Award: Best Documentary, aluCine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival for The Places We Lived

2020     Best Screenplay Award for The Sweater

2020     Nominee, “Best Documentary,” “Best Director,” “Best Editing,” for The Sweater

2016     Award, "Best Non-Student Experimental Film," for Walking To Save-On

2015     Award, "Audience Choice for Best Film," for The Hitch-Hiker

Residencies and Working Groups

2024     Independent Imaging Retreat (Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm), Mount Forest, Canada


2024     Course Director, FA/FILM 1020 6.0 “Film & Video Production I”
2023-2024    Course Director, FA/FILM 2010 6.0 “Film & Video Production II”
2022-2023     Course Director, FA/FILM 2010 6.0 “Film & Video Production II” 
2022     Instructor, FA 5700 “The Power of Small Stories: Making Films with Personal Archives,” 
2021     Teaching Assistant, Fine Arts 2010 “Film Production” 


Academic Appointments, Workshops, Guest Lectures

2024     "Memory, Remediation, and Mouldy Tapes: The Challenges and Rewards of Preserving Legacy 
             Media," Archives & Ethics: Preservation, Access, Representation Workshop, University of Aarhus
2023     "The Places We Lived," National Gathering of Latin Canadian Filmmakers, Montreal
2023     "CineMobilia On the Move," iFFO “Save As”: The Future of Preserving, Distributing, and 
             Exhibiting Heritage Cinema
2022     "A Life on the Borderlands," Orphan Film Symposium on Counter-Archives, Montreal
2021     Live screening and Q&A for: The Places We Lived, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC)                 Salon Series, York University 
2018     "Walking to Save-on: A Visual and Aural Tour of Lethbridge," Galt Museum, Lethbridge, AB

Select Screenings

The Festival of (In)appropriation, aluCine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival, Video Fever Festival, WNDX, Photophobia, Calgary International Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Antimatter [Media Art]



2022     Cinemobilia Micro-Cinema, Nuit Blanche Toronto at York University (October 2022), featuring 
             the films of over a dozen filmmakers
2018     “On Foot,” VUCAVU #Geographies series, Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Art 
              Distributors (CCIMAD) 
2017     Lethbridge Independent Film Society Members’ Screening

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