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title. Driving Around In Circles (In the Suburbs)

date. 2018

medium. video, colour, 1m30s continuous loop

Repetitive street names, curvilinear paths, illogical routes, dead ends. Driving in the suburbs can entail repeating a certain maneuver over and over again.

title. Parallax

date. 2018

medium. Super8 film, colour, 2m50s

Timelapse film done in Fernie, BC, on Vision3 50D Super8 film with C-41 hand-processing.


• WNDX, Winnipeg, MB, 2018

title. Built In Their Image

date. 2018

medium. video installation, single channel, colour, 4m13s

Using a 1950s film about the suburbs, “Built In Their Image” critiques the way suburb developers advertise to citizens. Through a juxtaposition of archival sound and contemporary image, the film asks how much notions of conformity, utopia, and mass-consumption have changed the concept of community since the 1950s until the present day.

itle. Walking To Save-On

date. 2016

medium. hand processed Super8 film, B&W and colour, 3m54s

A film about my daily journey on foot to a grocery store whose days are numbered. The walk takes place in the windy southern Alberta city of Lethbridge (pop, 80k). A place where sinners and the saved lead largely separate lives, and where wind storms are so frequent that residents are continually engaged in the Sisyphean task of sweeping leaves. A place where going to the "meat market” was a real thing. A place where the "North Side" beyond the train tracks was frozen in time in the 1980s, and has been crumbling ever since...

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itle. Fernfeld

date. 2017

medium. Super8 film, 3m42s

music. Kompakt Winter Ambient - Max Würden

Hand-processed Super8 timelapse of the Southern Alberta landscape, accompanied by Würden's sublime music.