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title. Parallax

date. 2018

medium. Super8 film, colour, 2m50s

Timelapse film done in Fernie, BC, on Vision3 50D Super8 film with C-41 hand-processing.

“Parallax” is about stripping away all ornamentation and capturing unmoving landscapes over time. I was inspired to make this film one day, after having spent several years making increasingly overwrought and stylised shorts and realizing that my work had achieved an aesthetic bordering on mannerism. I sought to return to a stripped down film, with little or no edits and camera moves in order to capture a feeling of something in an unidealised way. I shot the film with the most simple medium that I know – Super8 – and I hand processed it myself in my basement darkroom. Thus my process fed into my concept. I also teamed up again with German musician Max Wuerden (who I worked with before on the short “Fernfeld”)

From Max Wuerden's latest album "Momentum".

Project 03


• WNDX, Winnipeg, MB, 2018 (forthcoming)

Full Cast & Crew

Camera operator                                        Brad Goruk

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