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title. Snake Alley

date. 2016

medium. Super8 film, B&W, 4m45s

cast. Garrett M Scott, Brent Coulton, Jane Edmundson, William Ramp, JP Marchant, Victor Nakatsuru, Darcy Logan

Created by Lethbridge's founding fathers to deal with the snakes plaguing the early settlement, no one knows where Snake Alley begins or ends, or where it exists. Pete goes to Snake Alley to find out what happened to his best friend Brent. He must be careful not to lose his way as he is stalked by snakes, confronts the Lost Souls, and is followed by someone familiar to him...

Project 03

Full Cast & Crew

Story/Director                                             JP Marchant

Writer                                                        Thorsten Nesch

Editor                                                         JP Marchant

Camera operator                                        Brad Goruk

Production assistant                                      William Ramp

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