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title. Walking To Save-On

date. 2016

medium. hand processed Super8 film, B&W and colour, 3m54s

A film about my daily journey on foot to a grocery store whose days are numbered. The walk takes place in the windy southern Alberta city of Lethbridge (pop, 80k). A place where sinners and the saved lead largely separate lives, and where wind storms are so frequent that residents are continually engaged in the Sisyphean task of sweeping leaves. A place where going to the "meat market” was a real thing. A place where the "North Side" beyond the train tracks was frozen in time in the 1980s, and has been crumbling ever since...

Project 03

Past Screenings

• Prairie Tales REDUX, Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society, 2017 
• Happenings 9, Arts Commons, Calgary, AB, 2017
• Crossing Boundaries Symposium 2017: Art, Technology, and Identity, Lethbridge, AB, 2017
• Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF), Montreal, QC, 2016
• Lethbridge Alberta Motion Picture Showcase (LAMPS), Lethbridge, AB, 2016, ***Winner best 
non-student experimental film***
• Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria, BC, 2016
• Pile of Bones Underground Film Fest, Regina, SK, 2016
• Northwest Film Fest, Edmonton, AB, 2016
• On Location: Member Screening & Directors Talk (CSIF), Calgary, AB, 2016

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